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How Will ONC Health IT Certification Program Support Hospitals

How Will ONC certified1Health IT Certification Program Support Hospitals
By Adrianna Iorillo

The latest ONC Health IT Certification Program is another step in the journey of matching IT technology expectations with healthcare software functionality by setting established regulatory certification program requirements. These approved standards seek to streamline and unify the criteria and measurements to regulate and protect patients and their data, meeting the goals of phase 3 meaningful use.

Hospitals will benefit from the new standards because they can now gain more support for their IT investment dollars when vendor partners comply with standardized universal rules. In addition, hospitals can be more secure because the data transferred is more accurate and timely for physicians to make the best informed decisions on their patients care.

Phase three of meaningful use requires the software tools used by physicians to increase their electronic communications to both outside care entities and patients. This means that for physicians to have 80 percent of their prescriptions performed using e-prescribing services to reconcile medication requests, 50 percent of referrals will come electronically and 40 percent of referred patients will have records come through data exchanges. All three of these measures support the efforts of each hospital to more safely and efficiently see patients with less manual labor intervention and decreased time intervals between request and review.

The patient is another beneficiary. Due to meaningful use goals, patients have more control over their records, as they have access to view and download their own data instead of requesting paper copies, in person, for a fee. Another benefit to the patient is that the certification is an assurance of interoperability of data exchanged between care entities. Software evaluated and critiqued for efficiency in delivery helps maintain that the patient’s caregivers are making the most informed decisions on care plans based on data that is both accurate and secure.

For more information on the latest ONC Health IT Certification Program, please contact Professional Services Team Member Adrianna Iorillo at aiorillo@thecsicompanies.com.

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