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What the 2017 Interoperability Standards Advisory Mean

What the 2017 Interoperability Standards Advisory Mean

By Adrianna Iorillo

The 2017 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) that was released late December will mean sharper compliance guidelines for EHR systems. Groups like the American Hospital Association (AHA) advocated for an increase in specific requirements and more transparency in the decisions.

Here is what it means for hospitals and healthcare facilities:

  • ISA will broaden its reach to include big data in medical research and public health.
  • There will be clearer definitions of data elements and expected responses to standardize results for better measurements nationally.
  • More categories of data are outlined, including nursing and medical research nutritional health.
  • Device data from medical equipment and personal health devices are included in the measurement of interoperability specs.
  • Phases of the implementation lifecycle are considered and treated separately.
  • Project links are included for improved transparency in ongoing specification changes.
  • ISA will set the stage of data collection to help achieve future data goals.

Since 2015, ISA’s focus has been on improving health care quality and improving patient outcomes through communication sharing of test results and medical records. Between 2018-20, the goal will be to evaluate the outcomes and look for ways to lower costs and improve patient health.  Then from 2021-2024, ISA is projected to have a national data registry that continuously evaluates data to improve population health and individual care.

Also worth noting is the final data element categories and content are provided on the updated website [link to: https://www.healthit.gov/standards-advisory/draft-2017].  Content is listed to show what is requested by category so that all the data is included and in the format in which it should be presented. More standardized data means better data mining results.


For more information on how the Interoperability Standards Advisory will affect your hospital or healthcare facility, please contact CSI Professional Services Team Member Adrianna Iorillo at aiorillo@thecsicompanies.com.

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