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How to Stay Within Budget During a Go-Live

How to Stay Within Budget During a Go-Live
By Adrianna Iorillo


During a Go-Live, has your hospital had unanticipated expenses, such as technical problems or contract disputes, and had to pour money to meet tight deadlines? When investing in a Go-Live or EHR installment, figuring out how hospitals and physician offices can stay in the black is extremely important.

Following 10 tips will help healthcare providers stay within budget during a Go-Live:

1. Take the PGLA tasks seriously. Pre Go-Live assessments and test runs will reduce calls to the support line and help focus your resources on software and new workflow transitions.

2. Use internal resources, including super users, physician champions, clinical trainers and command center support staff. Check how many hours staff can commit, their expectations and hourly rates to not blow the budget.

3. Leverage hotel and transport contracts with your consultant company.

4. Consider travel and daily expenses into the forecast to ensure you have trimmed whatever can be reduced. Also, shared rental cars, hospital meal tickets or arranged transport can reduce daily costs.

5. Review “all-inclusive” vs. “time plus expenses” contracts. Compare two rates and evaluate Go-Live history to determine the best plan of attack.

6. Consider end-to-end resource knowledge and hire for flexibility. Utility players allow you to support multiple teams or modules easily. Consultants with more than one module or area of expertise may save your consultant count dollars.

7. Set shift limitations with pre-approval rules. Establish the rules upfront and publish them to both staff and consultants prior to the Go-Live.

8. Set thresholds for staff reductions based on your expectations, staff exposure, call log volume, staff usage adoption and completed workloads. Consider the departmental staff scheduling and rotating to make sure you are accounting for all employees that need to transition.

9. Consider smaller, “soft” Go-Lives when making major workflow and software transitions. This may bring to the surface issues that would impede or extend bigger Go-Lives.

10. When tapering resources, consider rounding resources to reduce your elbow support to continue coverage on a limited level.

For more information on Go-Lives, please contact Professional Services Team Member Adrianna Iorillo at aiorillo@thecsicompanies.com.

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